Home Medical Equipment Packages

Century Insurance Consultants is a proud partner of McNeill & Company’s HOMed insurance program.  HOMed is a program specifically designed to provide a comprehensive insurance package to the Home Medical Equipment Dealer Industry, including medical equipment dealers who sell and/or rent products such as beds, crutches, walkers, wheelchairs, portable oxygen tanks, tubing, therapy equipment, portable respirators, ostomy supplies, and other medical equipment.  This product is also designed for dealers who repair, service or install medical equipment. 

The most frequent exposure for a dealer involves proper demonstration and instruction in the use of the product.  However, many policies contain a standard Professional Health Care Services Exclusion that eliminates this type of protection for the Home Medical Equipment Dealer.  HOMed's definition of “Professional Health Care Services” specifically covers delivery, assembly, demonstration, maintenance and instruction in the use of medical, dental, surgical, nursing or therapeutic equipment, devices or appliances in the customers’ home.

 Coverages Available:


When you look for the best coverage for your organization you should consider the following advantages of the HOMed Program:

  • Wide Range of Coverage Options. The HOMed Program provides some of the most comprehensive insurance coverage’s in the industry.
  • Emphasis on Loss Control. McNeill & Company is committed to minimizing your chance of loss through innovative loss control measures, including risk assessment, risk management, training and education.
  • 24 Hour Claims Service. McNeil & Company knows losses don't always occur during normal business hours. Our 24-hour claims service line is always available to take your call.
  • Extensive Customer Service. Our experts provide our clients with years of experience and personal attention. Let our professionals propose a customized insurance package for your organization.

         *** Information regarding the new CMS Surety Bond Mandate ***

In response to the new CMS rule mandating surety bonds for virtually all HME providers, HOMed is accepting applications for the HOMed Surety Bond.  As a leading insurance and risk management provider to hundreds of HME dealers nationwide, they promise to provide the best solutions available in the marketplace.

If you are an existing company you have until October 2nd, 2009 to provide the National Supplier Clearinghouse with a surety bond valued at no less than $50,000. Please contact Century Insurance Consultants for a bond application.