Beginning Retirement

Beginning retirement brings many financial changes and issues.  Our advisors can help you navigate the issues and plan for a successful retirement.

Some questions we can help with include:

  • 401K Rollover:  One of the first financial decisions you have upon retirement may be what to do with your retirement plan assets through your former employer.  We can help you understand whether an IRA rollover is right for you and if so what type of investment will work best to meet your retirement income needs and goals.
  • Consolidating retirement assets:  Retirement assets that are scattered among numerous accounts may be difficult to manage effectively.  Additionally, coordinating income, satisfying minimum required distributions, and assessing portfolio allocations and risks may be challenging.  We can assist you in simplifying your retirement portfolio.
  • Health coverage:  You may find that you need to obtain health coverage or be eligible for Medicare and want to consider how a Medicare advantage plan or Medicare supplement plan can help you. 
  • Long term care coverage:  One risk that many people face is the risk of burdensome home health costs or nursing facility costs can quickly burn through one’s retirement savings.  A long term care policy, a life policy with a long term care rider, or an investment with a long term care rider, may help mitigate this risk
  • Life insurance review:  If your spouse or other family members count on your pension or other retirement income sources, you may need to consider additional life coverage to properly protect them.  Additionally, life insurance may be a key component in an estate plan to preserve family assets.
  • Auto insurance savings:  You may be eligible to save on your auto insurance now because you no longer have to commute to work.  Additionally, many companies offer mature driving discounts that should be considered. 

Our staff is here to help you begin a well planned retirement!