Estate Planning & Managing an Inheritance

Chances are you have some idea as to what type of financial legacy you want to leave.  Most likely, that doesn’t involve Uncle Sam making the decision or being the biggest recipient.  It is vital to carefully plan so that your assets are distributed as you wish.  In addition to a tax advisor and an estate-planning attorney, our advisors can help you decide which estate-planning tools are right for you.

Many estates can benefit from planning tools such as up-to-date wills, trusts, and life insurance.  Let us help you achieve your estate-planning goals.

Century Insurance and Century Financial consultants do not provide tax or legal advice.  Consult with your tax advisor and attorney regarding specific tax and legal questions.


Managing an Inheritance

Receiving a sudden inheritance can be overwhelming, especially because many times it involves the loss of a loved one.  There are many financial needs to think about when experiencing a financial windfall.  These include understanding the tax implications, deciding on the best way to put your money to work for you, the impact on insurance needs, and creating an estate plan of your own.

Your life is always changing and so are your finances.  Our advisors can help you navigate your way to achieve your specific financial goals.