A Message from Century Insurance Consultants, Ltd in response to COVID-19.
To ensure the safety and well-being of our team, our clients, and our community, we will be closing our office to the public until further notice. The only way we can slow the growth of this virus is to limit human interaction. This is our way of helping in that effort.

The Century Insurance staff will continue to work both in our office and remotely to carry out our day-to-day operations. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding through this very trying time.

Divorce or Loss of a Spouse

Divorce can be a difficult process that strains your emotions as well as your finances.  Every divorce brings up a host of financial situations that need to be addressed.  Our staff and advisors can help you sort through many of these situations including:

  • Obtaining health insurance coverage if you were insured together on one healthcare plan.
  • Starting separate auto insurance policies.
  • Changing beneficiaries on life insurance policies and retirement plans.
  • Reviewing your retirement savings and forming new retirement goals.
  • Deciding on where to invest settlements resulting from the divorce.

Let us help you sort through this change and plan for the future.

Loss of Spouse:

Coping with the loss of a spouse can be emotionally exhausting for you and your family.  Handling financial matters during this difficult time can be overwhelming.  Our advisors are here to help you. 

Some of the items we can assist with include:

  • What is your current income situation?
  • Did you count on any employee benefits from your spouse‚Äôs employer?
  • Do you have proceeds coming from life insurance policies or investments your spouse had? 
  • How do you proceed with the claims process for possible proceeds?
  • What retirement savings accounts did your spouse have?
  • If you are providing for dependents, does your current financial situation allow you to provide for them on your own?


Working closely with a financial advisor can help you get through these financial concerns during this difficult time and keep you focused on the goals you and your spouse shared.